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2nd attempt
Didn't think of the special function of < and > - yikes!

By: Stephan

Well, this is the desktop of my WfW 3.11 (which runs on MS-DOS 6.22)
running Calmira II 3.1 beta 2a in 800x600x16bit. Normally I work in
1024x768 and not in 800x600 (19" monitor), but larger images aren't
allowed in the screenshot gallery. So everything is a bit oversized,
as you can see.

The system is a Pentium III 500 with 128 MB PC-100 SDRAM on an AOpen
AX63 motherboard (VIA Apollo Pro chipset). It has two 8 GB hard disks
(with 5 FAT16 partitions each) and a 20 GB hard disk (FAT32 only and
connected to a Promise Ultra66 controller), all of them EIDE. The
graphics card used in WfW and DOS is a S3 Virge/DX based ELSA
Victory 3DX PCI card, which was originally used in my old computer 
(a P90 with 24 MB RAM). (There aren't any Win 3.1x drivers for the ATI 
Rage 128 GL AGP graphics card that came with the new computer.)
Additional peripherals: ISDN card (64kbit/s Euro-ISDN), the Promise
Ultra66 Ultra-DMA/66 EIDE hard disk controller mentioned above (both
cards are PCI), old ISA Aztech Sound Galaxy Washington 16 sound card
(the only original part of the old computer that's left :), a Samsung
32x/6x DVD drive, a Ricoh MP7040A 4x/4x/20x CD-R/RW (both IDE/ATAPI).
The computer is running Win98SE (for the fancy stuff) and MS-DOS 6.22
with WfW 3.11 (for the usual work: WWW/e-mail/news, graphics, Win32s
experiments and such :).
My machine could well be one of the fastest Win 3.1x machines in the
world :).

About the screenshot itself:
My start menu can be seen (I wish it would need less User resources,
but it's simply too big - I only have 60% user free at startup), with
its "Multi-platform software" subdirectory. On the right you can see
the brand-new version 1.14 of the Win32 version of the freeware image
viewer XNView ( A GIF version of the NT4 logo
is open, and the German language DLL is being used. In the upper right
corner TweakBIOS can be seen, which I use for enabling the prefetch 
and post write functions of the IDE controller (for better performance),
which aren't enabled by default. In the bottom right corner the media
player can be seen, which plays an XM module via MOD4WIN's MCI driver.
In the background my Windows start logo can be seen 
( It reads 
"Windows OT, Version 3.11, %copywrong notice%, Powered by Calmira II".
         It has been rumored that "NT" stands for "New Technology",
         so I thought that Win 3.1x must be "Old Technology" then.
         It's pretty well and alive for an oldy though ;)...

I maintain two Win 3.1x related pages BTW:
My "Win32s compatibility list", which deals with Win32s issues
and my Win 3.1x tips and tuning page in German
(Yes, I do have mentioned Calmira there :)

Oh well, I guess I've written too much again... ;)

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