Calmira Screenshots

This is my Window for Workgroups 3.11 desktop set up to look as much 
like WinXP as I could get it. I have Calmira 3.25 installed, along with 
custom high-color replacements for most icons, including My Computer, 
Recycle Bin, Windows Explorer, and the Start menu, along with a custom 
XP start logo. It is running on a Pentium 133Mhz PC with 16MB RAM set to 
16-bit color, 800x600 resolution. (screenshots are dithered 256 colors 
for animated GIF) I also have used PatchDrv to install the custom XP-style 
bitmaps to replace the Min/Max/Close buttons. It also has Internet 
Explorer/Outlook Express 5 and Netscape Communicator 4.08 installed, 
with replacement icons from Netscape 6.2 and the WinXP versions of IE/OE6. 
The wallpaper is from the opening video of Armored Core: Master of Arena. 
(PlayStation game)

If anyone is interested, both the XP-style bitmaps (created by Josi Lspez) 
and the high color XP-style icons are available from my site's Windows 3.1x section.

-PC Freak

PC Freak's WebZone

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