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This is my Windows 3.11 installed on PCem v17 i use Calmira XP on it, wallpaper is 
copied from my old Compaq Evo N610c.
- Award SiS496/497.
- Intel i486DX 25MHz.
- 24MB RAM.
- Phoenix S3 Trio64 4MB.
- NE2000 Network.
- 768MB HDD.

Here is another screenshot of my Windows 3.11 Installed on PCem.
I Changed title bar buttons with Resource Workshop to another, 
look like Windows XP.
I cloned all OS to 830MB Drive file and i change RAM to 48MB.
To change title bar button, open graphics driver file in Resource Workshop 
(in my example s3trio.drv) edit bitmaps in value 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1986.
Save this file as s3trio2.drv, turn off Windows and type 
cd c:\windows\system in DOS.
Rename original file (command: rename s3trio.drv s3trio.bak) and 
rename modified file to s3trio.drv (rename s3trio2.drv s3trio.drv).
Turn on OS typing win, everything should work.

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