Calmira Screenshots

You see my Calmira Desktop with Sonic the Hedgehog and the Calmira-tag 
a friend as made for me, (thanks again Seb!) added colour and brought 
it into the PC. I have also edited the icons with -caltheme v.2- and 
added an icon for my graphical calculator, it has a linking-interface. 
The buttons and the cursor were re-designed with makeover, a great tool! 

I also like the other Screenshoots around here, some people have really 
good ideas...

My Computer is an Acer 386/33Mhz with 16 MB of RAM, it also has a 
Thyphoon ALS120 Soundcard, the graphics come from the TVGA Trident 8900 
with 512kb Video-Card. I've installed windows 3.11, win32s, 
and the german calmira, on my western digital harddisk with 406MB (now 
it has 4MB free space, wow! :)

You can so much out of your little computer with calmira on it...
Thanks to the programmers!!! Also thanks to Stephan Grosklass for his 
help, visit his windows-tuning pages (u can find them at the links!)

Calmira 4 ever!!!
Mike Granz is my Name
18 years old

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