Calmira Submitting a screenshot

We are asking users of Calmira to submit screenshots of their desktops. Acceptable formats are GIF or JPG, no larger than 800x600. Larger images will be resized - with all possible consequences... Please create a zip file with a GIF or JPG image along with a text file giving your name, e-mail address and any comments you might have. (The email address will not be published)

To create a screen shot, press the print screen button and then paste it into an image program like Paint Shop Pro. Please only save in jpeg or gif format and make sure your zip file is no larger than 1 mb.

Please contact gaby[AT]calmira[DOT]de to make arrangements to send a screenshot by email. Since we had a couple of spam posts here lately, the upload form is no longer available.
Make sure to include your name and a short description. Uncommented screenshots will no longer be accepted. Furthermore, we do not publish any screenshots that apparently do not show a Calmira screen.

 Calmira Screenshots

To view a screenshot, choose one below or click the BEGIN button to tour through the shots. The links below will open in a new browser window.

Andrew Arisoue Bob G Changa
Chris P
Chris P 2
Calmira XP
David B
David P Diego M. Dr Blood Fossalta
Frank Gaby C Gerhard GLENNRPH
Heiss Jonathan Josiah LambdaCalculus
Leonardo Leonardo2 Maxim Mike G
Noah N
PC Freak 1
XP style, animated GIF (411K)
PC Freak 2
XP style, JPG low bandwidth version
Peter Protus Reid Renan Richard
Sinan Stephan Superkuba uninstall32
user222 WinPartisan Wishmaster  



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