Calmira Screenshots

This is a capture of my Calmira II 2.0 Desktop on a Pentium 75
with 8 meg RAM, running in 640x460, 256 color mode.  I tend to
keep my desktop rather clean, with only the My Computer icon
and Recycle Bin icon on my desktop.  All other applications are
launched via the Start Menu or in the tray area by way of 
aliases.  This reduces clutter, and lets me view my wallpaper
images.  I use a freeware screen saver/wallpaper changer called
SlideShow, which is available from, as
well as several sample image collections and some collections
of pictures I have saved over the years.  By keeping the desktop
area clean, I typically run with about 78 percent each of my 
System and User rescources, and 83 percent of my GDI.  I have
found that keeping my resources higher than 75 percent has
increased Windows 3.1 stability.  This computer runs MS DOS 5.0
and Windows 3.1 with the "3.11 Refresh" applied.
Glenn Gilbreath Jr.

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