Calmira Screenshots

Well, after all, this is my most recent screenshot - as 
I didn't find the one I once posted here. 

As you can see, this is already Calmira II 3.3 with the
Windows 98-like quick launch. I have been waiting so long
for that feature! :)
I tried as much as I could to let it look like Win 98 or ME -
anyway, there's still a 486-33 machine with WfWG 3.11 
(and Win32s as you can see from the calculator and the 
IrfanView icon) behind it.. :-)

The background picture is a photo from my balcony - if you 
want it, just let me know. 

Still, if you like to see more screenshots, don't hesitate
to visit my Windows 3.1 website at


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