Calmira Screenshots

This is my desktop on my Dell Latitude CPI D266 XT, 64mb RAM, 6.4GB hard drive. 

I'm running WFW 3.11 with CalmiraXP as the shell.

As you can see I have used Maxim's patch for WinPlayer to make it look like Winamp.

I also have my website Dr Blood's Video Vault
on show which I have recently resurrected. Expect a horror themed Calmira download on there

The laptop also has Windows 98se on it for the bigger applications so I've got WFW 3.11
running on a FAT32 system using 3xstart. I use it mainly for writing horror film reviews and
playing DOS games like Carmageddon.

I've been using Calmira for the last 6 years and it just keeps getting better and better.

Dr Blood

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