Calmira Screenshots

This is a Christmas version of my desktop! "Mounted" on a Toshiba Satellite Pentium Pro, 
233 Mhz, 64 Mb RAM.
I double-boot on this system between Win 95 OSR 2 English and Win 3.1 Greek. Although 
this machine's graphics ("Chips and Technologies 65555") can support millions of colours 
in Win 95, when using Win 3.1 have no other option but to confine myself to 800 x 600, 
16 colours! So, as a background, I use a bitmap with its colours carefully reduced to 16, 
so that the picture loses as less of the original information as possible. The result 
is not bad, for a 16-colour display!

The applications running are as follows:

Overall Windows 95 effect: thanks to Calmira II ver. 3.31 (stable edition, enhanced 
with LFN support with the help of the patch elaborated by M. Stroberg).

Cristmas lights all around the screen: thanks to C_lights.exe.

"My Computer" and "Recycle bin" icons (captions translated in Greek): thanks to 
Caltheme ver. 2.00 and its associated cyber_rl.dll.

Extra buttons in title bar next to the original Win 3.1 buttons: courtesy of X-it 
(xitw.exe, 16-bit). Additional result of its use: Microsoft Word 6.0a window is reduced 
in roll-up effect, instead of being minimised (Macintosh style)!

Program Manager window is open (name in title bar is, again, translated in Greek). The 
image that serves as a background to the Window is winlogo.bmp, tiled: this effect I 
obtained by using Smartpaper ver. 1.40.

Fix1MB.exe is indispensable for allowing Win 3.1 to run especially "ill-behaving" 
applications that consume all memory below 1 MB.

Happy New Year 2006 to every Win 3.1 and Calmira user!

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