Calmira Screenshots

Hello Calmira users!

This is LambdaCalculus and here are some screenshots from
my Calmira II desktop setup! I'm running this setup in PCem v17,
with Windows for Workgroups 3.11 as its base. I also installed
WinG and Win32s so I can get some 32-bit apps to run, like Doom! :)

My emulated machine is a 486 DX/2 at 66 MHz, 16MB RAM, Sound Blaster
16, S3 Video, 500MB HDD, and NE2000 network card.

It's a fun way of seeing just how much an older operating system can
be used in the modern era, and I have most of the stuff needed set up
here as well!

Find me on Mastodon! Lambda Calculus Enjoy! :)

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