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15th February 2000
Calmira II 3.1 Beta 1 released

No news in a looooong time, this is no good. But there is news now! Calmira 3.1 II Beta 1 has been released. This edition does not have CD Long Filename support yet, this will come in the next beta release.

The first bugs are already sent in. See the bug list for more details.

Go to the download page to download.

7th December 1998
Calmira II 3.01 bugfix patch released

Calmira II 3.01 fixes the bugs found in II 3.0, and adds the option to disable users logging on without a user name. This might be usefull for networks!

Go to the download page to download.

25th November 1998
Updated W95ICONS.DLL

There are a lot of reports concerning errors in video drivers when running Calmira II 3.0. This has been tracked to W95ICONS.DLL. Many video drivers cannot handle the 16x16 icons contained in this file. Therefor, I have updated W95ICONS.DLL so it no longer containes 16x16 icons.

Download You do not need to download this file if you have not downloaded Calmira II 3.0 before, it already containes the updated W95ICONS.DLL (timestamp 3:01).

21st November 1998
Calmira II 3.0 released

The online release of Calmira has been (re)named Calmira II, Online! Release 3.0. This in order to make a clear distinction between Li-Hsin's last release (2.2 SR) and the new, collaborative version. Loads of new features in 3.0, like a toolbar for icon windows and support for multiple user profiles. Also a lot of graphic improvements.

Go to the download page to download.

24th October 1998
Calmira 2.3 beta 1 released

Calmira 2.3 beta 1 is ready for download. This release is for testing purposes only. Report any bugs you may find to or on the message board. Go to the download page to download.

Expect the final release, including the source code, within two weeks at the most.

1st October 1998
Calmira finds new home

Calmira has found a new home here on it's own domain, It's an exciting new opportunity to further the development of Calmira and provide a place to provide forums, and continue the development of Calmira. We of Calmira hope to make this YOUR Calmira site, and YOUR Calmira!

Wonderful new possibilities lie ahead!

Please note that since Calmira is on a new host, some of the links down below on this page may not work.

16th August 1998
Schedule for new version

I'll be very busy in the next few weeks, so don't be surprised if things are a bit quiet for a while.

Work on Calmira 2.3 will begin in September, and the program is expected to be released no later than October. There will probably be another "feature vote" in a few weeks time. Meanwhile, please keep bug reports coming in.

24th July 1998
Calmira 2.2 ready

Thanks again to the people at Simtel for processing the file so quickly. The links from the download page have been updated, but you might need to wait a few days until all the mirror sites receive the new version.

This does mean that the bug list, QA and Tips pages are out of date, and will be amended shortly with much more fresh information.

17th July 1998
Calmira message board

Denis Gomes Franco has set up a web message board, where anyone can discuss anything about Calmira. Exchange code, suggest tips, and help solve problems.

11th July 1998
Calmira 2.2 Beta available

There will only be one test version for 2.2, unless any serious problems are encountered. You can download it from the beta page. The main package will be released when the documentation has been updated.

7th July 1998
Voting form

You can now vote for version 2.2 features by filling in a form, provided that your web browser supports forms.

And to the person using host [] who submitted 9 or 10 identical entries: either your browser is broken or your attempt at trickery was very poor...

22nd June 1998
Work will begin on Calmira 2.2

Visit the features page for instructions on submitting requests. Please do take the trouble to send in the priority lists, because a new version will not be released until enough votes have been collected. Vote now!

8th June 1998
Calmira Tips mailing list

Brian Johnson is running a mailing list called "Calmira Tips" for users to exchange and discuss ideas, and anyone may join. For more information, visit the the Calmira_Tips Mailing List Home Page

21st May 1998
Big Calmira logo

For those of you who like flashy graphics, the Calmira logo is now brought to you courtesy of the Windows 95 "Textured Flag" screen saver.

JPEG version (true colour)
GIF version (256 colours)
GIF version (16 colours)

16th May 1998
Version 2.12 update available

Visit the update page

15th May 1998
Proposed features page added

This will keep track of what everyone wants to see in Calmira 2.2 (to prevent too many duplicate requests being submitted). Please check it before writing in.

8th May 1998
2.12 update with improved dialogs will be available shortly

There's been a slight change of plan -- rather than wait a few months for Calmira 2.2, it might be a better idea to ship another update with some minor patches. As well as a couple of bug fixes, I'm proposing to change the appearance of Calmira's dialog boxes by removing all the graphics from the OK/Cancel type buttons and using new tabs. This should make it look more like Windows 95.

There are still some technical problems, for example, the new tabs only work well with small fonts, but I don't have the time to fix that right now. You can look at some screenshots to see what you think. The update for large font users should arrive in a couple of weeks.

1st May 1998
Polish edition released

Yet another Calmira is launched, this time, thanks to Marcin Szafran and Michal Rudolf. Visit the Polish home page at

24th April 1998
Access to this website may be slower from now on

Due to a higher-than-average bandwith usage, this website has been transferred to a server shared with other high-bandwith sites. There is no change in the URL address, but you may notice that large downloads (from the home page server) are somewhat slower than before. All resources will continue to be available. FTP downloads of Calmira 2.1 are not affected.

22nd April 1998

There's no public forum or message-board on this site, so if you have any general issues about Calmira that you'd like to discuss with other users, it's probably best to bring it up in a newsgroup. Try one of the following:

If you don't have a local news server, you can use the DejaNews service, which is much more effective for locating information anyway. Please remember to observe all newsgroup guidelines and etiquette.

11th April 1998
Version 2.11 update available

Visit the update page.

2nd April 1998
French edition beta released

Many thanks to Didier Belot, who is happy to announce "Calmira Údition franšaise", which is available from the following web site:

23rd March 1998
New bug list

This will be updated as more reports come in. As soon as the first major problems are fixed, a 2.11 update will be uploaded.

18th March 1998
Czech version available for download

Panenka Vaclav has very kindly translated the Calmira 2.1 executable file into Czech, which you can download from this local site. The package includes the whole set of Calmira files. Download (964 KB)

28th February 1998
Bug fix release will be available shortly

Since Calmira 2.2 is still a long way off, a 2.11 version will be distributed from this web site (not Simtel.Net) during March or April. If you would like to report any bugs, now is the time to do so. No feature requests for this version please -- it's strictly for correcting any errors that may have cropped up. The bug list will soon be updated to contain any outstanding problems in Calmira 2.1.

23rd February 1998
Calmira 2.1 now available

Visit the download page for the latest Simtel links.

Work on version 2.2 will not begin until July 1998. If you're still using Windows 3.1 by then, drop by to download a beta!

31st January 1998
A note about email

Please observe the following points:

  1. When sending any Calmira related mail, please make sure that the subject line contains something descriptive about the message contents, when applicable. For example, "Bug in Calmira 2.1 beta" is not helpful, whereas "Bug: Start button stays pressed after taskbar is hidden" is much better if you've only got one error to report.
  2. Check that your reply address is valid. I will un-nospam addresses before replying if the spam block is obvious, but other than that, bounced mail will be reposted twice before it is deleted.

27th January 1998
Beta download link fixed

Apologies if you tried to download the beta during the past two days. The wrong web page was uploaded to the Calmira directory, resulting in a link that pointed to a higher level.

15th January 1998
Calmira 2.1 beta 2 ready

4th January 1998
Tips from Calmira 2.0 available in HTML

The entire Tip of the Day database included with Calmira 2.0 has been converted into HTML.

29th December 1997
Calmira 2.1 beta 1 ready for downloading

Please help yourself to a copy! (Go to beta page)

30th October 1997
Free version of Delphi on CD-ROM!

Those of you who would just love the chance to modify Calmira to your liking, can now do so using the copy of Borland Delphi 1.0 that is on the Personal Computer World (UK magazine) December 1997 cover CD-ROM.

The special edition Delphi license does not permit you to distribute your modified programs, but that's not really a problem for most people.

Don't ask me to teach you how to program in Delphi! I will only answer technical questions about the code if you already know a fair amount about programming. If you're a beginner, go and buy a book...

27th October 1997
Link buttons available
Animated version:
Static version:

19th October 1997
Compatibility test program available

You can download a program file which integrates the taskbar with the main Calmira module. This is to check that the new architecture works on most computers, before it is adopted for version 2.1.

18th October 1997
Web pages have been reset

The Questions & Answers, Bug list and Tips & Tricks sections have been cleared since the launch of Calmira 2.0 because version 1.0 is no longer supported. The pages will be updated as new information arrives.

15th October 1997
Calmira 2.0 released

At last...the moment you've been waiting for! Well, I promised it would be around September or October, so it's pretty much on time. See the Download page for links.

30th May 1997
A bit of non-net publicity needed!

Lets face it, surfing the 'net requires a fairly good PC just to run the latest browser, and there are less fortunate users who can't easily get hold of mainly Internet distributed software.

So if you like Calmira, then please write to your favourite paper-based computer magazine that still covers Win 3.1, and get them to review Calmira or put it on a cover disk. Lots of people out there will thank you for it!

18th May 1997
German documentation now available

There is a new German version of the home page by Andreas Grossmann, which also contains a translated help file and some additional information. Hopefully, a full German program will be ready in a couple of months, so check there for the latest info.

27th April 1997
Email back on-line

I should be able to check my mail every weekend from now on, so you'll get a reply by Saturday.

Please don't email attachments over 100K since they take too long to download. If you would like to draw my attention to some particular utility, just send me the URL. If it's something you've created that's not available on the net, arrange it with me first -- all unexpectedly huge mails will be deleted from the server.

23rd March 1997
Goodbye for 6 months

I'll be spending the next six months working outside London, and I won't be taking my PC along. So I can only check my mail and update the web page every couple of weeks at best. If you need a prompt reply to something, please make sure the email reaches me by 27th March.

21st March 1997
Mail problems noticed

If you've recently sent me some email, and definitely expected a reply but have not received one, then please send it again, just in case the last one got lost. There appears to have been some problems with the mail servers and I've also been modifying my setup.

7th March 1997
Patch file of WNDHOOKS.DLL available

Download a new version of WNDHOOKS.DLL to replace the file shipped with Calmira 1.0. This prevents the taskbar from crashing when you press Alt+Tab to switch tasks.


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