Calmira Standard branch

Bugs: See the Bugs page for details on fixed bugs.

Binary: Just extract the ZIP contents to C:\CALMIRA and execute CALMIRA.EXE.

Installer: Can be used to install Calmira II from scratch, or to update any older version of Calmira. The installer was built using a customized version of Jordan Russell's Inno Setup. When upgrading from an older version of Calmira, you will be asked if you want to overwrite CALMIRA.INI and START.INI. To preserve your old settings, answer No. Otherwise, the installer will install the default INI files.

Source Code: Not required by standard users, intended for development with Borland Delphi 1.0, check out our Source Code page for further details.

A note on strikethrough links: Although once offered for download on this site, these downloads were lost in history since we didn't host them ourselves, the websites (such as Simtel FTP) went offline over time and unfortunately also Web Archive doesn't have backup copies of them. If you have copies of these versions feel addressed to mail them to Gaby Chaudry so she can fix the links. Thank you for your help.

  Version 3.31 Version 3.3 Version 3.2 Version 2.3
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French   Binary / Installer / Source    
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 Calmira Custom branches

The following versions are the products of various authors, not Calmira Online, and they should be contacted directly for all matters related to the software as their source codes derive from the standard branch.

  Version Download Author (Website)
  3.0DB Binary / Source Dave Burgess
This version includes a couple of extra features.
2.2SR Binary / Source Li-Hsin Huang
Includes source code. The final version before Li-Hsin discontinued development. Calmira II is based on this release.
LFN 3.3 Binary / Installer / Source Alex Anrsousa
Stable version with the originally planned Long Filename Support
3.3LFN Binary / Source Mark Stroberg
Never finished Beta by Mark Stroberg. Please make sure to check out the readme.txt for Bugs and Features before installing.
XP 3.34 Binary / Source Abandoned Zone
Calmira XP is customized version of Calmira II 3.3 that gives you the look and feel of Windows XP�.
  LFN 3.3 Binary / Source freaked win31Forum
An unfinished German translation of 3.3LFN.

Binary / Source

Martin Van der Veer
Proper German translation of Calmira 3.1.
 Calmira various historical versions (retrieved from archives and personal backups)

These assorted downloads are Calmira versions that got lost when the original owner abandoned, but they have now be found again.
No guarantee for completeness, workability or whatever.

Calmira II Win3x Shell Archive

Calmira Source Release 1.0

Calmira Source Release 2.0

Calmira II Online! 3.0

Calmira II 3.02 PL installer

Calmira II 3.3 PL installer

 Calmira Add-ons and enhancements

The following software is the product of various authors, not Calmira Online, and they should be contacted directly for all matters related to the software.

Calmira II Registry Editor
NEW for power users! In the next major release of Calmira II, this powerfull registry editor will be included. But for now, downlaod the BETA version. It should be stable and not delete your entire registry (but make a backup anyway!) and some functions are still in development. But it is already more powerful then the standard Windows Registry Editor.

Address Bar 1.1 for Calmira
This is a version of IE4's address bar - it works like the Run dialogue except that it auto-completes the command line.

BorgWorld Automatic Login
Automatically login to Windows for Workgroups on startup with any user name and password you wish.

Print Manager desktop interface (4 KB)
Lets you create a desktop shortcut for dropping files into. It accepts files one at a time, and sends them to the default printer. If you double click on the program, it calls up the Windows Print Manager.

Exit Windows utility (4 KB)
Performs the same job as the Shutdown dialog. It accepts a single upper-case parameter that determines its operation:

  • DOS - exists to the MS-DOS prompt
  • RESTART - restarts Windows
  • REBOOT - reboots the computer

DOS-only program execution utility (4 KB)
Will drop out to the DOS prompt, run a program, and then start Windows again (useful for games etc.). The first parameter must be the full path of the program to run. The other pa rameters are passed to that program. For example: ExitExec c:\dos\ c:\autoexec.bat. NOTE: This feature has been built in to Calmira II 3.0.

A Win 3.x floppy disk formatter utility written by Ramon Valbuena in Delphi. Small and easy to use, it can be kept in your applet tray.

Windows 95 theme package (22 KB)
A collection of icon libraries and bitmaps to enhance your Calmira 2.x and make it look more like Win95. Included in Calmira II 3.1.

CalTheme vII (330kb)
A themes program for all versions of Calmira that can change all your icons and color schemes for you. Can be used to make your Calmira more (or less) like Win95... Comes with sample theme packs, and it's easy to create more.

Calmira Channel Bar (48kb)
A channel bar for Calmira much like the channel bar in Windows 98...

It cleans up the bloating that happens in the Calmira.ini file with old stuff. It'll also clean up your Start Menu, tossing out (automatically) old stuff that doesn't exist. (So who needs an deinstaller, just delete the folder, next reboot, the start menu rebuilds.)

My Computer Editor
A program to modify program items in your calmira computer window. You can add or remove programs as well as sort them to your specifications

Pro Theme
It saves settings for Windows 3.x outside of Calmira.

ShutDown - By Dark Sun
It displays the "It is now safe to shut off your computer" screen in DOS after you exit Windows. Put in your autoexec.bat for best results, like this:

echo off

You can kill the screen by pressing ENTER if you want to use DOS.

It changes your Windows 3.1x startup splash screen to whatever you want.
NOTE: You need to have a graphics utility capable of producing images in RLE version 4 format to generate images this utility can use, and they must be under 40kb (or so).
Here is a sample RLE file to get you started :)

Minimon - By Ramon Valbuena
Minimon shows you your GDI, system, and user resources in bar graph format in real time in a floating window. It also has the ability to compress your memory to free up more useful memory

Clean Start - By Andrew Sprott
Clean Start v1, placed in the public domain by Andrew Sprott. CS allows one to run Scandisk, or whatever whenever doesn't exit safely. You can also run a program on the first boot of the day.

Startup and shutdown screens - By Martin Brilliant
Package contains new startup and shutdown screens, seen when starting Windows and shutting down Calmira.

Startup and shutdown screens - By Norm Finch
Package contains new startup and shutdown screens, seen when starting up Windows and shutting down Calmira. You've got to see the shutdown screen, it's a beauty! Zip file contains instructions.

Startup splash screens based on Win2000 alpha Neptune - By Jenifur Alyx Charne
Package contains RLE files for all 4 different Windows 3.1x versions.

Common dialog replacement - By Josh Brannon
Package contains a replacement for commdlg.dll, the DLL that provides common dialogs like file/save and such. Untested, use at your own risk!. Zip file contains instructions.

Calmira Desktop Icons Menu By Carlos
A small utility program intended for use with Calmira. It allows the user to open Desktop Icons from the Taskbar. The program adds all Calmira Desktop Icons to its System menu so the user just needs to click-right on this program's button on the Taskbar and choose from the menu. It can also Minimize all open windows (including Calmira windows), Tile open windows on the Desktop (including Calmira windows and Windows Help files) and start the Screensaver.

Site link: Calpaint by Mike Graenz
Calpaint is a Windows themer for Windows 3.1 and Calmira allowing you to change the system colors, Calmira icons, start button and so on. Released under the GNU GPL by Mike Graenz.


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